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It’s very easy to use. Play Video: Ving. Ving is a smartphone app that allows you to create your own ringtones or alerts. You can download a free app and then use it for free.27th All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Soldiers and Workers' Deputies The 27th All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Soldiers' and Workers' Deputies (also known as the 27th Congress of the All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Soldiers' and Workers' Deputies) was a session of the All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies held in Moscow on November 15–17, 1917. It was the first congress of the All-Russian Congress of Soviets to meet in November, and the first in the new Gregorian calendar. Background The 27th Congress was held under the new structure of the Congress. The Central Executive Committee was abolished and was replaced by a Central Control Commission. The Central Control Commission formed a Provisional Presidium, which was then replaced by a Provisional Central Executive Committee in January 1918. The 27th Congress included 256 delegates from 260 local soviets (the absence of the Penza and Tambov soviets was explained by the fact that these soviets had been merged into the new soviet and would have increased the number of delegates to 258). Agenda and outcome The congress had a two-day agenda: Termination of the November Revolution The immediate task of the congress was to find the causes of the October Revolution and end the revolution. It voted to suspend the NEP and to transform the national economy into a Soviet form. The congress issued a proclamation demanding that the Bolsheviks replace the Provisional Government and form a government of Soviets, with the participation of the peasant soviets. The congress also adopted an additional resolution to the resolution against the Provisional Government and the Bolsheviks: "The bourgeoisie, representing the most concentrated and privileged stratum of the Russian population, is a dangerous ally of the imperialists, who have decided to use armed force in the struggle for a reactionary restoration of capitalism. The [Bolshevik] soviets and the [Communist] Party are irrevocably bound by their slogan, 'All power to the soviets of workers', which constitutes their supreme rule." Transformation of the army The 27th Congress had rejected the October Manifesto, which declared that the working

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